Acciona Windfarm VR Experience

CYAN has created an immersive VR experience for ACCIONA, to be presented at the AWEA 2016 in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA). AWEA is the biggest wind power conference in North America.

For the very first time, the public could explore, in detail, a VR wind farm. The visitors can go inside the wind turbine tower, get an elevator up to the nacelle, look around the interior, learn how a wind turbine engine works, and then go outside the nacelle for a majestic view of the landscape from the very top of the machine.

Developed by our VR department, this experience was designed for a variety of devices (HTC Vive, Oculus and Cardboard). The users can see and feel the sensation of being in the pristine countryside, and can walk around using two joystick-type controllers.

We were aiming for a familiar, cinematic experience and made extensive use of a voice-over that accompanies the user at all times, in either Spanish or English.