The National Museum, Sultanate of Oman

The National Museum building represents the culmination of a series of museum projects administered by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture of the Sultanate of Oman, aiming to preserve the assets of Oman’s heritage and maintain material and spiritual possessions that make up the history of Oman as well as its culture and arts. It will work as a modern museum with a window that opens up to the Oman’s historical and cultural scene.

CYAN made the video walkthrough presentation of The National Museum, based on a video composition with real charachters and a whole 3D construction of the exhibit area. CGI works have been made also for the presentation dossier of the museum. CYAN has also produced since 2014 all the interactive applications for the museum.

  • National Museum of Oman walkthrough in Arabic
  • National Museum of Oman walkthrough in English