Isla Mágica Lake Show

Isla Mágica is the theme park placed in former Expo’92 facilities based on the conquest of America. Besides being one of the main green areas of Sevilla – a botanical garden that shows plants from all the 5 continents – , it offers creative games and shows for all the publics based on the most advanced tehnologies.

CYAN had made CGI works and storyboard, together with technical consulting, for the lake show La puerta del tiempo (Timegate) in 2003.

In 2007, APD commissioned CYAN animation of 3D characters and the postproduction for the show 10th

Anniversary: the mystery of the lake. CYAN also provided technical consulting for the multimedia production for this show, that was projected on a water screen in Isla Magica theme park (Sevilla, Spain).

  • Isla Mágica 2003 Lake Show


  • Isla Mágica 2007 Lake Show