Bata City Land-use Plan to City of Bata

Interestingly, it seems that we are discovering now Equatorial Guinea for the first time through its literature and cinema. An incomprehensibly unknown country to Spanish population, although it was his colony until its relatively recently independence, in 1968. Except for those involved in the settlement, the rest hardly knew anything. Many did not even suspect that the famous song of Cola Cao had something to do with that African remote paradise.

Bata, the second largest city of Guinea, plans to start an urban transformation that probably become as one of the continent’s most modern cities. CYAN was commissioned to tell this huge project in fifteen minutes. Aware that the issue of engineering and planning is usually of interest only to specialists, we decided the story should be informative. The best way to do that was to humanize this message.

And here’s the result.

  • Bata. Africa gate